David B IrelandHello,?My name is Dave Ireland. I was born in Pomona California, and have spent most of my life here. I am the youngest of 6 children. I am a believer in the teachings of Jesus Christ and that he is God. I spent most of my school days recovering from the fall out of the ?60?s ?. Yes, the mental escape was the easy part. But I did not realize the Social implications till much later in life. You see, it?s similar to social media addiction today; hiding behind medication, verses feeling empowered by detachment. Having many friends when you have party favors, is a lot like determining your value by how many Facebook Friends you have.

As a young man I married in 1983, and though Brenda endured 5 miss carries. We had two wonderful kids by August 1989. We Spent 6 months in Idaho in 1990 but were not able to secure gainful employment and returned to Southern California. Ironically, Brenda got sick about 2 years later. Eleven Months and Seven Surgeries after diagnosis, my daughter, 9 and my son 5 lost their Mother to Cancer of the Appendix. I believe today coming back to SCAL was divine. I can?t imagine watching ( My Girl ) Deteriorate and die, without the support of my family. At this time I learned about the amazing spirit of the single parent, I could easily have quit on life, but I would not leave my kids. Now, the (fall out of the ?60?s ? ) was to be tested. Yes addiction is in my past I thought, God help! My wife just died, I have two little ones and you want me to QUIT on my next best friend? ?YES, was the answer, you see, by this time I was smoking 3 packs of Cigarettes per day, ( that was my crutch, and I was also wearing a Nicotine patch! ?Time to give that up- Just look at those Kids, and then decide. Done. This is a bio, not a book. I was blessed with a caring lady who had a beautiful little girl. We started a new chapter in 1996.

David B IrelandMy experiments from the 60?s fallout, birth order, and trials of life contribute to addictive tendencies, but are not excuses. ?I have determined after trials, losses then victories; I need to be reminded of some basic truths regularly. (I am loved, I am special, and I can overcome). I know I am commissioned to share Gods love, his recognition of my value, and the use of his spirit within me, for good. We all have tremendous gifts and are truly special beings. I plan to use my time to Do Good, and to tell as many as possible how truly amazing they are. I plan to use this platform as one way of communicating. Stay tuned and look for the Good. It?s all around us.

Horace Mann, Be ashamed I to die before I have contributed to mankind.

You are loved, you are special, and you can overcome!


Below are some of the Toastmasters speeches I have given past 3 years